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FS: New K24/K26 hybrid turbo

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Dr. Diesel:
I had this turbo built for a 1.6L/1.9L hybrid a few years ago. I managed to put about 200km's on the engine but due to engine build quality issues (people just don't know ***! --I read that on a post here a few mins ago... So true!) the project was shelved. So the turbo has sat in a bag in a box on a shelf in my garage ever since. The 1.6/1.9L did easily spin it to it's boost-controlled 35psi setting. I paid over $1000 for it through Giles' turbo shop partner.
It bolts to a regular TD exhaust manifold.
I'd like to see $850 for it.
Pics soon if anyone interested.

clarification: this turbo has 200 kilometers on it.

how bout $100?  :wink:


--- Quote from: "spencebm" ---how bout $100?  :wink:
--- End quote ---

I'll go $102.50 !!

That sounds pretty cool. Is it a Garrett?

I've give you $250.

wow lowball central


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