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Front Brakes overheating will this cause any damage?


my front right caliper is getting so hot when i tookm the tire off to have a look a the rotor i could even toucht the bolts....when they droped in some water on the drive way they hissed like crazy its getting really hot and i just put new rotors and pads on like 4 months ago.....i am going to look at it more close in 3 days but if i drive on it for anouther 600ks can i cause any other damage to other stuff ie. CV joints will i cook out the greese i dont know its all highway mostly so wont be doing much breaking but what would cause this??? there are groves in the rotor not huge but there are some and it looks as though the brake pad has a small chip otta it. just weird as they where new like 4 months ago>>  
any help reg. this would be great!!! or anything i should look for that would be suspisious.....

I dont think this is a brake problem, IMO it's a wheel bearing going bad, especially if you did a brake job 4 months ago.
I wouldn't drive it far, as the bearing could fail and you could possibly lose a wheel while driving.
If it is a brake issue, the excessive heat could damage the rubber seals and dust cover sin the calipers, or could cause the brake linings to separate from the backing plates, either of which is not a good cenario, and could end up with a loss of braking while driving.
IMO, park it until you get time to check it out, brakes or bearings are not something to take a chance on, always use the best rated parts you can.

well if it was a wheel bearing wouldnt i  hear a humming noise or somthing and if i just go easy and not break as much ( use e-brake alittle) i can touch my rim and its cold......after driveing 100k i drove home yester day and used ebrake to stop aliuttle and was cold if it was a wheel bearing it would be really hot!! im still convincef a braking issuE well i guess im down to relacing caliper,rotor,pads agaiN.
i did nt do calipers when i did it 4 months ago so maybe there sticking or not putting proper presure equely

It's probably your caliper. You can easily refresh it yourself for free (or about $20 if the seals are mangled)

It could just be your slider pins/bushings or it could be the piston binding against the seal.

If you keep driving it you will ruin your wheel bearing, brake fluid, pads and rotor and possibly more items.

It is possible that it is your master cylinder but I'd say that is fairly unlikely.

You should be able to hear a wheel bearing but try jacking the car up and rocking the wheel holding it at the top and bottom. if it moves it's the bearing.

You can press on the brakes with the front wheel off and then look at the pads, the outer one will be sized against the rotor if it's the slider pins and if they both are seized against the rotor then it's the piston binding. If my memory serves me correctly of course

thanks appriciate all the info.....i have 200 k left to drive on it and i felt the tire when i got home today and it was alittle warm as i had to brake a few time before reaching my driveway.......so im hoping on not using my brakes a great deal untill i can have it looked at.....
i hope i didnt do any further damage as i just forked out 3500 for rebuilt motor and injection pump :(


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